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Malik DOPE Drummer, born Malik Stewart, is a Washington, D.C. Native from Uptown Ledroit Park, and Maryland resident. He started playing drums around the age of 5 years old, with inspiration sparked from african drum and dance and later began to take it much more seriously at the age of 12, starting on a 6 piece drum set playing DC “GoGo” music, Hip Hop, R&B etc. As Malik continued percussion with ‘’GoGo’’ music, playing in neighborhood bands and generating notoriety for his style of playing over the years, he went to Northwestern High School, and in his 10th grade year took an interest in the school’s marching band. From there he entered a new world of percussive understanding, transforming him into an even better entertainer. After high school, Malik was granted the opportunity to be in Howard University's drum-line, which advanced his playing skills and confidence in dancing while drumming even more. As Malik marched in the band, in 2013 he also took his talent to the streets of Washington, DC  as a street performer, where he would later on become famously recognized locally and internationally from his gift. Malik was known for his amazing drum performances and smooth dance moves to compliment it. Later in that same year he created D.O.P.E "Definition of Percussion Entertainment LLC", created to provide entertainment, education, inspiration, motivation, innovation, artistic awareness & production through the live nature of percussion and performing arts, ultimately displaying the brand as a positive influence on living life. At this time Malik shifted away from the Howard University band, taking the experience he gained and leaving the job he had at the time to fully pursue his D.O.P.E. journey. Now he has defined his style of drum/dance, called ''WAE-Work'', the art of simultaneously drumming (usually but not limited to Marching snare drumming) and freestyle dancing. The art style ''WAE-Work'' can be seen performed by drummers all around the world and is currently growing as a trend in todays music scene. Now! in the year 2019, Malik has just released his first song ever, titled ''We Band''. This song was made to influence strength, living out your dreams and a high level of energy, showcasing the art of percussion to the world. This song is only the beginning of what Malik plans to release this year and forward so get ready for this D.O.P.E WAEv coming !

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