The new D.O.P.E Dad caps are a easy and simple fashion item for any chill or active occassion. Just like the hoodies the new QR code feature is located on the right side of the dad hat which easily links you to our website so you can stay updated on new content, merch and events all brought to you by Malik DOPE Drummer. To activate the QR code you just need a smartphone or tablet. iPhone users can simply open their camera and point it at the QR code (we reccomend a 2-4 ft distance for best results) to access a pop up link at the top of the screen. No need to take a photo to use this feature. Android users may need to use a QR code scanner app for this to work. So the next time someone asks you where you got that DOP3WAE drip, just tell them to scan your hat !

D.O.P.E Dad hat

$25.00 Regular Price
$21.25Sale Price
Option 1: Black/white